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Pumpkin Pet Brush

Pumpkin Pet Brush

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This orange, round brush resembles the cutout top of a pumpkin, with the pumpkin's green stem as the ergonomic handle. (Purple-handled and all-white brushes are also available.) Its wire bristles are topped with small plastic beads that massage the skin and loosen the dander while de-shedding your pet.


Professional brush: The brush's bristles are fine and designed to penetrate the fur in order to remove excess shedding while gently massaging your pet.

pet cleaning slicker brush

Brighter And Healthier Hair: By using this brush regularly, you will help to improve your pet’s circulation as well as relax her. Perfect for any type and length of hair.

Safe And Durable: The pumpkin stem grip is comfortable and solid for easy handling, making it comfortable to work.

Works On All Hair Types: Whether short, medium, or long-haired, thick, thin, curly, or straight, this professional pet brush benefits all hair types making your pet’s coat soft and shiny.


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